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CG Extracts – Premium Cartridge – Girl Scout Cookies – 1ML



  • Size: 1ml
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Hybrid
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Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid with a strong sativa component (40:60 sativa/indica ratio). This strain can reach THC levels of up to 28%, meaning it’s one of the most potent strains available to medical marijuana patients. This strain provides the best aspects of both sativa and indica, and the high is powerful, happy, and euphoric, but with couch-lock body effects and feelings of lethargy. Girl Scout Cookies tastes sweet and earthy, and it smells much the same. It’s most effective at treating anxiety, stress, and depression, though it’s also good for appetite. Dry mouth is the only likely adverse effect, though others are possible. This strain began as a crossbreed of OG Kush and a near-even hybrid; (Durban Poison X F1). Girl Scout Cookies first appeared in California and is now one of the most popular strains in North America, where sells best on the West Coast and in Michigan. The high lasts for hours, making Girl Scout Cookies a good deal in most places. It can be difficult to grow, but it’s fast becoming a staple among home cultivators.

Standard 510 threading, compatible with most reusable vape pens, such as Evod, Vision Spinner 2, ErbaTip, Flyte, or Toko Gold Pens.


Ingredients: THC Distillate and Cannabis Derived Terpenes.

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Weight 1 kg

1 Cart $34.99 (sale $24.99), 3 Carts $99.99 (sale $69.99), 5 Carts $139.99 (sale $112.49), 10 Carts $274.99 (sale $219.99), 25 Carts $624.99 (sale $499.99), 50 carts $1124.99 (sale $924.99)

21 reviews for CG Extracts – Premium Cartridge – Girl Scout Cookies – 1ML

  1. ANN LUDWIG (verified owner)

    This product us exactly as described. Sit back and enjoy

  2. ANN LUDWIG (verified owner)

    This is just what the dr ordered. Body aches fade but energy doesnt. You can manage to get things done with a very happy frame of mind. 2 thumbs up

  3. Kushdiet (verified owner)

    Good taste and potency

  4. Chuck (verified owner)

    This is a very well known strain and lives cartridge lives up to it reputation. First thing you’ll notice is the blast of flavors complementing each other, it’s after the 4th or 5th puff that you’ll notice that familiar feeling behind your eyes, then you will feel the high creep up on you.

  5. Boah B (verified owner)

    Really nice taste, no harshness and prob the more potent one out of the carts I tried

  6. Holly (verified owner)

    Great Tasting Flavour,Good For Relaxing & Pain,I Would Definitely Purchase The CG Extracts Girl Scout Cookies Again!! Thank You WTF Cannabis!! :0)

  7. Sexxxyboy420 (verified owner)

    I love GSC!

  8. Kdipizzo (verified owner)

    10/10 the gsc is my first pic when choosing these carts

  9. Ryguy (verified owner)

    Nothing bad to say about this at all, one of my 6 carts is a dud but no big. Can not like the product is ruined, 9/10.

  10. Molkor (verified owner)

    9/10, only problem with the GSC for me is the taste… definitely not one of my favorites. That being said, it’s not wretched or unbearable or anything.

  11. Frosty-Nugz (verified owner)

    Probably the best value carto I’ve found online. Terps are pretty good on this one compared to others. Love this one also. This along with pineapple god and wedding cake are my favourites

  12. Kdipizzo (verified owner)

    Back again and gsc is still the best!

  13. RylanHorseman (verified owner)

    Still don’t believe how good this one is, pounded back a gram pretty quick. Glad I got a few ! Highly recommend

  14. alepolo101 (verified owner)

    Girl Scout cookies is my favourite strain of bud, and these carts do not disappoint. Probably my second favourite of the flavors I’ve tried so far

  15. Sideshow_Lali (verified owner)

    Mon préféré sur les 5 sorte que j’ai prix . Le goût poivré qui te chatouille le nez. Le buzz parfait , les yeux qui chauffe un peu , le sourire aux grand soleil. Super nice mais pas trop sinon tu colle sur le divan solide a part ça. Brûle parfaitement jusqu’à la dernière puff. Mais je me demande c’est vraiment le vrai procédé de distillat que vous faite ? Il a n’a pas de vitamine E? Peut-être rassuré le monde sur ça composition exacts , est-ce que vous utiliser du thca avec les terpènes genre ? loll Super travaille merci

  16. Lnd519420 (verified owner)

    I found the taste really strong and it did not really taste like the plant or even GSC shatter

  17. Bigshotjuann (verified owner)

    Not the best strain out the bunch but still giving credit where due. Good taste better high. Will definitely do the job.

  18. sunil nouraly (verified owner)

    Not the greatest taste, but not the worst either…

  19. Frank (verified owner)

    Not my favorite taste but it’s not bad!

  20. Seangg9 (verified owner)

    taste wasnt terrible, got me super high, great for day time

  21. Ty Stick (verified owner)

    This is a great choice if you want a break from the fruity tasting carts. good hybrid

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