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Grape Ape



*New Batch July 17

Bud Size: Small – Medium
Strain Type: 90% Indica 10% Sativa
Texture: Normal – Sticky
Flavour: Berry | Fruity | Grape | Sweet
Medical Usage: Pain | Depression | Insomnia | Stress
THC Content: 21% Highest

  • 1g - $7.99
  • 3.5g - $24.99
  • 7g -$44.99
  • 14g - $79.99
  • 28g - $129.99

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Grape Ape is a mostly indica crossbreed of Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and original Afghani. It shares their potency, with THC levels as high as 18-21%, which makes it a relatively strong – but not overpowering – tool for treating disease. As its name suggests, Grape Ape tastes and smells like sweet grapes, with a subtle berry flavour. Like its Purple ancestors, this strain develops a deep purple bud and leaves to go with its grape-like qualities. It’s most useful in treating chronic pain, including migraines and arthritis, though it also helps relieve anxiety, depression, and PTSD. The high is profoundly relaxing, a full-body experience that can lead to strong couch-lock and deep sleep. This is definitely a nighttime strain, as it can have a near-comatose effect. But the high can also be euphoric and focused, with a clear mind. Dry mouth is common, as are red eyes. Most easily found on the West Coast, in Colorado, and in Michigan, this popular strain can also be purchased across the country, on both legal and black markets. It’s a relatively easy strain to grow.

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1g – $7.99, 3.5g – $24.99, 7g -$44.99, 14g – $79.99, 28g – $129.99

17 reviews for Grape Ape

  1. rosebud (verified owner)

    I recently got an order that was very squished and this is one of the strains so I cant comment on bud structure but I can comment on the high as well as taste and smell. And just to throw this out there, WTF took care of me for my package being squished and made it right. On to the weed. I’ve tried this before and this $99/oz is comparable to the $160 bag I got back then. Not sure about looks but, the high and taste and smell were literally identical to the other stuff. It smells of a strong sweet, syrupy, wine. Smells great! The smell translates perfectly to the taste and has a strong, sweet, syrupy, grape taste that lingers on the palate for a while after smoking. The high is actually medium to strong potency which is amazing for just $99. It’s a nice lazy indica high that I was expecting. Wish I could have seen the bud structure but, next time.

  2. Ramazan Yaraneri (verified owner)

    Delicious, smells great, good high, huge flowers. Incredible price. Thanks.

  3. Liam Boland (verified owner)

    Taste and smells great, hits hard. Nugs are decent and it has great bag appeal. I’ll be ordering this strain again.

  4. Tom T

    Beautiful buds an smokes great. Recommend this strain to anyone. Vary pleased with the look/smell/taste an will definately get again

  5. OneInch (verified owner)

    Great value. Great buzz for a $100 oz. Was pleasantly surprised. Personally was not a fan of the bud smell but smoked and tasted great for me.

  6. Seangg9 (verified owner)

    nice and dense sticky buds, smell was amazing upon opening. deffs a good pickup for the price. THANKS WTF

  7. Smoker420x

    Excellent smoke. Good cure, little leafy but covered in trichomes with a great flavor

  8. frosty.fross (verified owner)

    Got this at 100$ oz. it smells a little like chocolate, had some nice hints of purple. There was an awful trim job on my bag, with most of the nugs being stuck together with random pieces of trim in between. Potency is decent. Value was decent. Would not purchase again.

  9. john

    This is a huge bank for your buck! Trim job could’ve been a bit better, but overall tasted great and got me insanely high.
    Definitely getting this next time as well

  10. Laynesmith (verified owner)

    Great price was impressed with the quality

  11. Kdipizzo

    The nose on this one was more of a tuna

  12. Samantha Caldwell (verified owner)

    Recently bought this and love it, taste like grape and gets you the perfect kinda buzzed.

  13. Jesse Daly (verified owner)

    Everyone giving this weed great reviews is disturbing this is not good smoke by any means. However it’s 109$ an ounce maybe that’s what its worth. Faint smell of artificial grape but the smoke is harsh as hell with a heavy black ash. Any way you slice it you could do much better than this

  14. BuDsTeR (verified owner)

    This stuff is alright not the biggest buds tho but gets ya baked

  15. High_not_tired (verified owner)

    Package came flattened, so cant comment too much on the look of it (postman brutality, no fault of WTF). Not quite the nose I expected, and definitely not my favourite. To get the best out of it, I tend to find it works best in a joint or vaped at a high temp. Good for a knockout sleep.

  16. mimics (verified owner)

    Not too bad, not my favourite.

    The smell is nothing amazing, but the buds look decent

  17. Juvia (verified owner)

    thank you guys !

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