1. Thrylas

    Looks and Smells amazing. Very worth the extra cost.

  2. Malachi Tempeny

    nugs throughout the whole bag that are bigger then my nuts smells earthy n sweet accents in the smell and taste and pretty compact nugs,nice green with orange hairs

  3. MattGagnon

    Nice batch. Ashes burns white and it is still fresh enough. I can taste grapefruit and spices. Really tasty. Smell is ok. Would highly suggest if you like sativa.

  4. Joey Tremblay

    This is great stuff! It's pretty smooth, and it hits really nicely. This is one of the terpiest strains I've tried here on WTF so far. It tastes skunky, cheesy and citrusy. It leaves a tiny bit of a burn in my throat compared to some of my favourites here in WTF, that's why I've rated it four stars instead of five. I'd gladly grab more though!

  5. Joey Tremblay

    While this was definitely clean vaping, the profile was overwhelming. A very heavy perfume-like aroma that I can't get past.

  6. Joey Tremblay

    Absolutely awesome! This budder hits like a truck and is so smooth! The taste is completely overshadowed by its overall impact. I've never even had a chance to think about it haha! This has been one of the best to date.

  7. Joey Tremblay

    September batch* - Just a little on the harsh side, specifically the throat hit / burn. Otherwise it's solid stuff! The profile is gassy and hash-like, and the lung hit is actually smooth despite the initial harshness I feel on my throat. It hits nice and hard though!

  8. Joey Tremblay

    September batch* - Amazing stuff! Ultra smooth and hard hitting. The taste was very hash-like with a hint of gas and cheese. I normally don't enjoy hash-like profiles, but it just works so well in this case!

  9. Jpdayo

    Batch October 26th ............... A W E S O M E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Bruno Vermette

    It gets me high, but I don't like the taste. Will not buy again.

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