1. Jacob Friesen

    Not as good as some things I have tried, but for one of my first ordered off a mom I was impressed

  2. Jacob Friesen

    Shake was pretty dry, looks exactly like the picture, not to bad to smoke but I think if made into edibles it would be better, but definitely a good bang for your buck

  3. dallaire14

    A bit dry but the buds a caked AF! Great kush smell and taste

  4. Kevin Sarkar

    Crazy flavor and nice kit

  5. Kevin Sarkar

    Great kit and nice strain works well

  6. Kevin Sarkar

    Nice purple tight nugs and nice clean high

  7. Ram J

    Definitely AAA+ , smokes amazing , high is more on the hybrid side . Buds are big and covered in trichs

  8. dallaire14

    Very good potency, taste and bag apeal!

  9. Poolshark

    My bag was all very small popcorn. I have a hard time seeing a difference in flower type due the smalls.

  10. DasBigDaddy

    BUY. THIS. NOW. It's a no brainer at these prices!

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